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Packing, labelling and order picking

The orders will be collected by the pickers and the packers pack the orders the right way, so they can be sent to the customer. We are looking for flexible and motivated persons who are able to:

  • Keep up with high working level
  • Being able to work precise
  • Being able to work in a standing position all day
  • Flexible and prepared to work without exact ending time
  • Flexible; being able to wo...

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Who is T&S Flexwerk?

T&S Flexwerk is an International Recruitment agency that has been successful in providing jobs in the Netherlands over the past 17 years. T&S Flexwerk started with the recruitment of Eastern European employees for the Dutch labor market and nowadays we recruit candidates from each county in the European Union.

Every day our dedicated young team of professionals are working very hard to provide you not only a job in the Netherlands, but also an unforgettable experience abroad.

What do we do?

T&S Flexwerk recruits motivated European candidates who are looking for a challenge and an adventure abroad. T&S Flexwerk provides flexible jobs in many different branches like food, logistics and health care.

Providing flexible jobs is very common in the Netherlands, but sometimes it can be confusing for foreigners who are not familiar with this way of working.


Your starting and ending times may vary depending on the day and the company you are working for. Please note that you will get a contract with T&S Flexwerk, the intermediary and you will work at one of the clients of T&S Flexwerk. You will receive your salary from T&S Flexwerk who will also be your contact person.

T&S Holanda

Dutch Culture

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    What do we offer you?

    Besides a paid job and working experience, an opportunity on the international labor market, an experience abroad, improve your English (or Dutch) language, getting to know other cultures, making new international friends and free time to travel around the Netherlands.

    When you start working for T&S Flexwerk it means you have to relocate abroad. To help you out with some of your concerns T&S Flexwerk is able to provide you with housing, transportation, a Dutch medical insurance and a personal contact person from T&S (Intercedente). The prices of these services depends on the age of the employee and are all optional